I want more OpenID

I really like the concept of OpenID. From a technical point of view it’s a beautiful solution as it takes a creative approach on authentication while still relying on existing (and proven) technologies. Then there is the part about it having the potential of making my, and others, life easier. It would be awfully nice not having to use a separate login for every forum, wiki, etc I happen to visit now and then.

While there are lots of official support for the standard and plenty of OpenID providers available, the web sites where you can actually use your OpenID are still few. If you operate a web site which require visitors to login, please take a close look at OpenID. I would most definitely like to be able to use my OpenID more.

Myself I work on a project which, among other things, hopefully will enable OpenID login at the Swedish Ubuntu LoCo. In case you happen to be familiar with the language, you can read more about it in the thread OpenID, SSO, etc för ubuntu-se.org.

Yes, I would really appreciate it if you took a closer look at OpenID.

  1. OpenID is catching on pretty fast but you are right in pointing out the fact that there are few OpenID consumers. So we still have the dilemma of what to do with our passwords?
    And considering there are quite a few providers, how do we manage all of our OpenIDs?

    I work for PassPack, which is an online password manager – we will soon be an OpenID consumer – so you’ll be able to store your passwords and OpenIDs safely in one place.

    You may be interested in a post on our blog about OpenID replacing passwords:


    Hope it helps.


  2. Yes, that was a good post. Thank you.

  3. I also think that OpenID is a great concept and I hope it will spread over popular websites.

    The problem is not that there isn’t enough OpenID provider (MyOpenID, VeriSign PIP, etc) but the numbers of website where you can actually use your openID identifier to login.

    Not very useful to have an account and nowhere to actually use it.

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