Ubuntu and OpenBSD

Ubuntu and OpenBSD, two of my favorite operating systems, both released new versions a couple of weeks ago. Happening at basically the same time it made me think about how different they are, and that being part of the reason I like them so.

On an Ubuntu system I can easily do pretty much anything I want to do on it, and Ubuntu will handle it reasonable well. It’s not always perfect, but usually it will work good enough. A lot of times good enough is really good enough.

Running OpenBSD I feel a bit more limited in the aspect of what can easily be done. On the other hand, those things which can be done easily are done really, really well.  The OpenBSD servers I maintain really doesn’t need much maintenance once they are setup.

Different operating system has different priorities and make different compromises. In my world that is a good thing. As long as my operating systems interoperate well, they really don’t have to be the same.

  1. I’ve noticed a growing trend where Ubuntu is referred to as an Operating System instead of a Linux Distribution. It’s both frightening and relieving I guess. The lack of understanding people have about what goes on under the hood of everything in their day-to-day lives is painful, but on the other hand Ubuntu is helping ease the world into the free software movement. So, what’s a guy to do…

    I actually had a strange conversation with a woman a few weeks ago at my college. We got into a discussion about OS variants, and she told me that she preferred MacOS. She had tried Linux and “it was alright, but Ubuntu sucks”. When I told her that Ubuntu is Linux, I nearly blew her mind.


  2. michael: In the world of Linux, what would you define as an operating system? If you just refer to Linux, it is merely the kernel. Perhaps GNU/Linux could technically be seen as the base of an operating system, but still, how often do you do a pure install of only GNU/Linux?

  3. Hello! I only start to study Unix-based operating systems, and now there is very important two questions, I will be grateful, if you can help me. 1 – what OS choose for studying – FreeBSD or OpenBSD? Why OpenBSD is not so popular and claimed in the world? 2 – whether is a lot of differences in these two operating systems (in respect of the general principle of a configuration of system, as server, and in respect of the general syntax of commands)? And 3 – if I will well know FreeBSD then it will be possible to tell, that I almost as will well know OpenBSD and on the contrary?
    P.S. Sorry for bad english…

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