Hello Planet Ubuntu

Being the newly elected Team Contact for the Swedish Ubuntu LoCo I figured this would be a good time to add my blog to Planet Ubuntu and, by doing that, introduce myself to the greater Ubuntu community.

I’ve been a part of the Swedish LoCo since January 2008. Besides helping out with support, and a short tour as a forum moderator, my primary LoCo work has been done in the role as one of the server administrators. Now I look forward to whole lot of new challenges in the role as Team Contact.

Outside the LoCo I’m part of Ubuntu Bug Control, primarily doing triage on bugs related to the server team. One of my current ambitions is to get my LoCo more involved in the triage process.

At this point I would also like to introduce my running mate, and our new Team Leader, Mathias Friman. While I’ll be the one dealing with external communications and such, he will be the one responsible for our LoCo’s internal organization.

Finally I would like to thank Urban and Vulfgar, the former Team Leaders of the Swedish LoCo, for all their hard work. Thank you!

Anyway, if you want to get in touch we the Swedish Ubuntu LoCo, feel free to drop me a line!

  1. Good Luck! Vulfgar and I feel confident that the LoCo is in good hands. Keep up the good work.


  2. I have to problem to install a Swedish input software into my Ubuntu. Do you have any solution or suggestion for this? Thank you!

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