One of the projects the Swedish Ubuntu LoCo has been working on this summer is a Swedish equivalent of the web site Being able to give someone a direct url to the (translated) documentation can sometimes help a lot. Hence I’m now very glad to be able to announce our very own…

At this point there are a few people I would like to thank. Obviously the most import contributors are our translation team, under the lead of Daniel Nylander. Without them there wouldn’t really be much to put on the site in the first place. Secondly I would also like to mention our server administrator Lars Ljung, who gave us a framework to work on by providing the initial modifications to the original XSLT templates.

If any other LoCo would like to embark on a similar project, feel free to contact us to get some pointers. While all our work are available in the Launchpad project ubuntu-se-help I’m not sure how much good it will do others in its current stage. Creating a cleaner, and better documented, structure is definitely on the todo list. Of course it would also be very interesting to hear from others who already do similar things, and from whom we perhaps could get some pointers ourself.

On a completly different note, don’t forget the Ubuntu Bug Jam in Linköping now on saturday.

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