Going IPv6

As of now you can visit this web site using IPv6. This thanks to a tunnel provided to me by SixXS. Please report any problems you might experience.

Well, at least you can kind of visit this site using IPv6. You still need an IPv4 connection to look up the domain name. Providing IPv6 DNS response will probably have to wait until I get native IPv6, which according to the post IPv6 for Gandi (coming soon!) might not be that far into the future.

UPDATE: Now using a Gandi (beta) IPv6 address.

  1. Some of the root DNS servers have IPv6 addresses. For example A, B and F are present on IPv6 as well so if your ISP can supply IPv6 natively you don’t need IPv4 at all to connect. But your world be a lot smaller if you don’t run a hybrid IPv4/IPv6 configuration.

  2. Yes, IPv6 DNS is somewhere in the pipeline. Just figured I’d wait with important stuff such as SMTP, DNS, etc until I really know what I’m doing. The web page on the other hand seemed unimportant enough to play around with.

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