Monthly Archives: February 2010

Ubuntu 10.04, Alfa 3

Just installed the third alfa release of Ubuntu 10.04 (aka Lucid Lynx) on my Netbook, an Inspiron Mini 10v. So far nothing seems terrible broken. Of course, at this point so far merely consists of booting the system, connecting to the wireless, firing up the web browser, etc.

When trying out the new alfa release, please consider reporting bugs you discover. The earlier bugs are found, the greater the chance for them to actually get fixed in time for the final release.

Das Keyboard

Little more than a month ago I bought myself a Das Keyboard (ultimate edition) from Well, actually I ordered it over three month ago, but last month was when I actually received it. Anyway, figured I would share a few thoughts about it.

  • The keyboard is a real full size, rather heavy, solid keyboard. It almost literary screams quality.
  • You get a very snappy feedback from all the keys. That really makes the typing much more comfortable.
  • By design the keyboard makes the classic “clicky” sound when you type at it. Whatever this is a good or a bad thing probably depends both on your personal preferences as well as your surrounding. Myself I would most likely have preferred a more quiet keyboard.
  • I really think it is a shame that there is a red and white “daskeyboard” logo up in the right corner. Would have been much slicker with a completely black keyboard; kind of like the stunt ship in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.
  • Having an internal USB 2.0 hub in the keyboard is something which has turned out to be a lot more convenient than I imagined. It definitely feels more accessible than using a hub in the monitor.

In short, yes I’m very happy with my new keyboard.

The blog returns

As hopefully apparent by now, my blog has returned. In addition to giving the blog something of a redesign, I have also been doing some thinking on how to keep it updated.

One reason I tend not to write overly much is that it takes quite a bit for me to accept a post as sufficiently well written, interesting and/or relevant. Of course, no blog posts are no fun either. Twitter (@andol) on the hand comes very natural. Hence I will actively try to allow myself writing shorter blog post, with a simpler language. For now, my blog won’t be pushed to any blog planets.

The new layout is basically a modified, and striped down, version of the default WordPress theme. In short, I’ve primarily made three changes to the design.

  • Removed all image elements from the theme, saving me the hassle of  having to using anything else than Emacs to modify the layout.
  • Changed the theme color to something else than the default blue. The new color just happened to end up being green.
  • Made sure the right-sidebar-layout is also used when viewing a single blog post.

If anything looks broken, please let me know.