Das Keyboard

Little more than a month ago I bought myself a Das Keyboard (ultimate edition) from getDigital.de. Well, actually I ordered it over three month ago, but last month was when I actually received it. Anyway, figured I would share a few thoughts about it.

  • The keyboard is a real full size, rather heavy, solid keyboard. It almost literary screams quality.
  • You get a very snappy feedback from all the keys. That really makes the typing much more comfortable.
  • By design the keyboard makes the classic “clicky” sound when you type at it. Whatever this is a good or a bad thing probably depends both on your personal preferences as well as your surrounding. Myself I would most likely have preferred a more quiet keyboard.
  • I really think it is a shame that there is a red and white “daskeyboard” logo up in the right corner. Would have been much slicker with a completely black keyboard; kind of like the stunt ship in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.
  • Having an internal USB 2.0 hub in the keyboard is something which has turned out to be a lot more convenient than I imagined. It definitely feels more accessible than using a hub in the monitor.

In short, yes I’m very happy with my new keyboard.

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