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Reassembling Das Keyboard

Ok, first some background.

  1. Earlier this year, I bought myself a Das Keyboard Ultimate.
  2. Time passes, and I am still very happy with the keyboard.
  3. Accident happen, forcing me into some serious keyboard cleaning.

According to it is perfectly safe to remove the small/regular keys (letters, numbers, etc). The larger keys (enter, shift, etc) on the other hand should be left alone, as they apparently are quite hard to get properly back in place.

The mistake I made was to assume that all those blank keys are the same. Trying to reassemble the keyboard I discovered that they actually come in four different heights and angles.

Luckily the friendly people at Das Keyboard Support managed to give me a few pointers. Apparently the keys are “horizontality” arranged. The picture below will hopefully illustrate which key types belong at which lines.

Placement of keys on a Das Keyboard

(The picture is used, and modified, by permission from Das Keyboard Support.)

If you look underneath the keys you will notice that some of them are marked as R1, R2 or R3. Yes, that marking correspond with the key types one, two and three, respectively. The exception being the keys belonging as F, J and numeric 5.

This blog post probably makes a lot more sense if you know that the Das Keyboard Ultimate is completely black, without any inscription on its keys what so ever. Knowing a tiny bit of German probably does not hurt either.

Now on Skype

Against all previous principles, I have now began using Skype. If you know me, feel free to me to your contact list. Just do not expect me to be Online all the time.

Skype Name:

…and no, that principle I mentioned has nothing to do with free vs proprietary software. It is more about me not necessarily being a big fan of telephones.

Vacation summary, by flickr and twitter

Now back in Sweden, after my vacation to New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC. For starters I have put a few photos online, in my flickr collection USA Vacation ’10.

Then there are the tweets I wrote (@andol). While incredible incomplete, they do provide some kind of summary.

  1. Now in New York City.
  2. “My exit music, please.”
  3. Highlight of the day: Eating lobster roll in the shadow of the Brooklyn bridge, while admiring the Manhattan skyline.
  4. Definitely think someone ought to open a Korean restaurant in Linköping.
  5. Best positive surprise so far: The Bitter End, in Greenwich Village –
  6. Feels a bit odd that I only have to pay about ten dollars to have someone else to my laundry. No, not complaining.
  7. Breathtaking beauty: New York City, by night, from Top of the Rock.
  8. Seven bagels later; leaving New York for Philadelphia.
  9. Walking the streets of Philadelphia, appreciating the directional maps in every other street corner.
  10. Also, pretty sure that the Free Library of Philadelphia, at Logan Square, is the nicest library I have had the pleasure to visit so far.
  11. Philadelphia South Street, by night, almost feels kind of mediterranean.
  12. Leaving historic Philadelphia for present Washington DC.
  13. First night in DC: Evening walk in the National Mall, followed by an interesting Ethiopian meal in the Shaw neighborhood.
  14. Enjoyed the DC Ducks just as much as I enjoyed the Boston Ducks.
  15. Today turned into Smithsonian day. Visited the Museum of the American Indian as well as the Air and Space Museum.
  16. Today’s excursion to Theodore Roosevelt Island was a nice break from the city. The shadow provided by all trees wasn’t half bad either.
  17. Chafed feet –> silly walks –> loads of fun.
  18. DC beauty: The Lincoln Memorial, and its reflecting pool, during sunrise.
  19. Goodbye Washington DC. Hello eight hour flight.
  20. Back home in Linköping. Would like to thank my traveling companions @parwieslander and

(Anyone who wants the full story will have to buy me and/or Pär a suitable cold beverage.)