Now on Skype

Against all previous principles, I have now began using Skype. If you know me, feel free to me to your contact list. Just do not expect me to be Online all the time.

Skype Name:

…and no, that principle I mentioned has nothing to do with free vs proprietary software. It is more about me not necessarily being a big fan of telephones.

  1. You can video chat from within Gmail these days, as well. Anyway, video conferencing is more fun than telephones. ;)


  2. Yes, but can I call landlines, cellphones, etc from Gmail?

    (Being able to call home using my laptop was by the way the tipping point which finally made me look closer at Skype.)

  3. As of 2010, google had been running GrandCentral for a wee bit more than a year, and might have already renamed it. I used it to call people when my phone was discharged and now to find my cell. Very useful tool, especially if you don’t feel like installing skype, but is ok with a flash-plugin.

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