Reassembling Das Keyboard

Ok, first some background.

  1. Earlier this year, I bought myself a Das Keyboard Ultimate.
  2. Time passes, and I am still very happy with the keyboard.
  3. Accident happen, forcing me into some serious keyboard cleaning.

According to it is perfectly safe to remove the small/regular keys (letters, numbers, etc). The larger keys (enter, shift, etc) on the other hand should be left alone, as they apparently are quite hard to get properly back in place.

The mistake I made was to assume that all those blank keys are the same. Trying to reassemble the keyboard I discovered that they actually come in four different heights and angles.

Luckily the friendly people at Das Keyboard Support managed to give me a few pointers. Apparently the keys are “horizontality” arranged. The picture below will hopefully illustrate which key types belong at which lines.

Placement of keys on a Das Keyboard

(The picture is used, and modified, by permission from Das Keyboard Support.)

If you look underneath the keys you will notice that some of them are marked as R1, R2 or R3. Yes, that marking correspond with the key types one, two and three, respectively. The exception being the keys belonging as F, J and numeric 5.

This blog post probably makes a lot more sense if you know that the Das Keyboard Ultimate is completely black, without any inscription on its keys what so ever. Knowing a tiny bit of German probably does not hurt either.

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  1. It’s great to know that it’s easily cleaned, never had a better keyboard.

  2. Thank you for this!

    I was going to write them about it but adding +r1 +r2 +r3 to my search and I found your post.

    Why can’t Das post this info in their Support it would’ve saved me a few mins…

  3. Thank you so much!

  4. Hi!

    On my approx 2008 version of Das Keyboard, instead of 1 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 4 numbering as you show on your picture above, it’s letters: B – B – C – D – E – E.

    Now replaced cable and cleaned out the entire keyboard with soap and lots of water, like new! :D

    So this post is for anyone who wants to put the keys back on a Das Keyboard who have removed the keys from the Das Keyboard after washing it or something. How to open up the Das Keyboard in the first place, if you’re interested in doing that too as part of the cleaning, is documented here . Voids warranty though.

    Thanks and best of luck,

  5. Mine has 2 R1’s less and R2’s more…. wtf help

    • @PJ: How would you expect me to be able to help you with that? Seems like you would be better of by contacting the Das Keyboard support and/or by double checking your work.

  6. do the professional and the ultimate have the same heights?

  7. just as a note, i have the first revision of “Das Keyboard”, i think, it’s a black Cherry MX3000 without captions, a few days ago i faced the same Problem, my Keys are marked with roman numerals from I-VI and Numbers (but i guess they can be ignored) and the rows are reverse, starting with I in the upper row at the escape key.

  8. GOD BLESS YOU FOR THIS POST. (Typed on my now properly re-assembled Das Keyboard Ultimate)

  9. You just saved my life

  10. Thanks for this, just cleaned the blank keys on my keyboard and after admiring my work I noticed they are all on different angles, had no idea about this after all this time so thanks a lot. I suspect that I have had some on differently for years since I first changed almost 2 years ago as covered here:

    Also hi 5 for same blog theme ;)

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