Monthly Archives: November 2010

Returning from FSCONS 2010

Back in Linköping, after enjoying yet another FSCONS conference. In case you want to know if there is something you might want to ask me about, these are the talks I attended:

Kaizendo: Customizable schoolbooksA Labour Process Perspective on the Development of Free SoftwareAre you weak in the middle?The Inanna ProjectScalable application layer transfersThe Future of RepRap and Free and Open HardwareWomen in FLOSSFuture TransportsGNU ParallelEthics of Intellectual MonopoliesWho are the Free Users? and Bits and bytes: the importance of free software in the industry.

That diversity in topics is by the way one of the things I really appreciate about going to FSCONS. Another nice thing is the people you get to meet. This year I had, among others, the pleasure of meeting up with a few members of the Danish Ubuntu LoCo.