OpenPGP key transition

I’ve recently set up a stronger (4096R) OpenPGP key, and will be transitioning away from my old (1024D) one. To a large extent this is about being able to use the SHA-2 family for signatures.

The old key will continue to be valid for some time, but I prefer all future correspondence to come to the new one. I would also like this new key to be re-integrated into the web of trust. Please see this statement signed with both keys, certifying the transition.

The old key was:

pub   1024D/FAF2463A 2006-11-20
      Key fingerprint = 4947 BB72 9192 8645 CC8B  F142 8AF2 8D1C FAF2 463A

The new key is:

pub   4096R/13CD4F59 2010-07-11
      Key fingerprint = AFEB 2D24 4715 3F0D 9250  8A8B 5882 A0DC 13CD 4F59
uid                  Andreas Olsson
uid                  Andreas Olsson
uid                  Andreas Olsson
uid                  Andreas Olsson
sub   4096R/9A943D4A 2010-07-11

To fetch my new key from a public key server, you can simply do:

  $ gpg --keyserver --recv-key 0x13CD4F59

If you already know my old key, you can now verify that the new key is signed by the old one:

  $ gpg --check-sigs 0x13CD4F59

If you are satisfied that you’ve got the right key, and the UIDs match what you expect, I’d appreciate it if you would sign my key:

  $ gpg --sign-key 0x13CD4F59

Lastly, if you could upload these signatures, I would appreciate it:

  $ gpg --keyserver --send-key 0x13CD4F59

Please let me know if there is any trouble, and sorry for the inconvenience.

Vacation in New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC?

Hello Lazyweb

Currently I have my vacation coming up.  During that time off me and a friend will be spending the last two weeks in August visiting the north-east part of the US. More specifically we will be visiting the cities New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC.

Any suggestions on things to do, places to see, etc would be most welcome.

(Yes, I have found my way to Great site!)

moving to

As you read this, my blog has moved to While I do have my own (virtual) server, the blog still ran off a rather vanilla WordPress installation. This way I at least get it hosted with some real redundancy.

As part of the move there is a switch in domain name. The new address is

(Please updated your bookmarks, feed subscriptions, etc.)

Just for the consistency in change, the blog has also gotten itself a slightly different look.

flattr button

  1. Add flattr button
  2. Write interesting posts
  3. Profit!

Actually, I’m pretty sure that I will get stuck at the second step. Yet there is now, just in case, a  button in the right menu column.

Linköping Launchpad workshop

Tomorrow evening, Monday that is, I will be hosting a Launchpad workshop in Linköping. It will be held together with “Dataföreningen” and  their Ubuntu network. Primarily we will focus on using Launchpad for any (FOSS) project, while at the same time cover a few Ubuntu specific cases.

See Driva projekt på launchpad (Swedish) for more information.

OpenID relying parties

Being a big fan of the OpenID concept I’m quite happy that at least a few of the sites I like to visit are relying parties. Primarily I’m thinking of these sites:

Where do you login using your OpenID?

Using the YubiKey

One of the keys I carry around on my keyring is a YubiKey. This post really isn’t about the YubiKey itself, but more about me sharing a few insights I’ve gained on using the key.

  • If you already run a WordPress blog you can easily turn it into an OpenID provider to be used with your YubiKey.  What you need is the OpenID plugin and the YubiKey plugin.
  • If you decide to personalize your YubiKey I can very much recommend the DuckCorp YubikeyHelp, in addition to the official documentation.
  • The new 2.x version of yubikey-val-server-php seems to prefer being part of a group of validation servers, being kept in sync with each other. Failing to figure out how to configure my standalone installation to disregard that synchronization I modified ykval-verify.php (see patch) not to perform those checks.
  • The YubiKey WordPress plugin mentioned earlier is hardcoded into using the official Yubico validation server. Apart from  the validation URL, set in the function yubikey_verify_otp(), there is also the length of the key id. Just look for the numeric value 12 and you will find where the key id is being used.

No, this post is not meant to make sense on its own. You probably need to be at least somewhat familiar with the YubiKey as well as the services provided by Yubico.

xkcd system administrator

Seems like there has been quite a few visitors coming to this blog after having done a google search on xkcd system administrator. To spare future visitors the disappointment I might just as well post the content I believe they were looking for.

Devotion to Duty

(See xkcd #705 for the full size original.)

Yet again things are happening in regards to the FUSE version of ZFS. That is something you very well might have missed if you, like me, had satisfied yourself with subscribing to the RSS feed.

Apparently is where all the action takes place nowdays.

Yes I know that Btrfs most likely is the future of Linux filesystems. Yet I can’t completely shake my crush on ZFS.

free domain names

As part of the 10th birthday I received three promo codes, each worth a free domain name. As I have no real use for them myself I’m giving the promo codes away.

  1. 10YRS-8206-D3B6-2E0A (taken)
  2. 10YRS-9225-B0BF-E19C (taken)
  3. 10YRS-0418-6875-90E7 (taken)

Do note that the promo codes are only valid up until the 31th of Mars, and only for the following top-level domains: .fr, .tel, .com, .net, .info, .me, .mobi, .uk, .be and .eu. Also note that the domain name will only be free for the first year, and that you will have to start paying for the name the second year, if you decide to keep it.